Lazy Larayo

Lazy Larayo
Photo by Ricole Lupe

Monday, June 28, 2010

For My Denim Lovers!

Something as simple as a hot open Denim Oxford Shirt, pulled in with white skinnies, add in some accessories, and flat string strap sandals can create a multipurpose look. This is a great day in town look, and can also serve as another look for party's. 
__     __
     .'  `...'  `.
   __|     |     |__
 .'    \   .   /    `.
 |      ./###\.      |
  >---- |#####| ----<
 |      `\###/'      |
 `.__ /    .    \ __.'
    /|     |     |
   / `.___.^.___.'
    \             )\
     `.          /' |
       \       /'   )
        \    /'    /'
         \  /'    /'
          \(    /'
           )  /'
           | /'

Unpacking in SL


For new comers of SL (second life) this could be a hazard, but for many skilled SLers this is clearly simple being that you have to unpack all your clothing before wearing it. As you can see in the picture behind me I went on a much needed shopping spree to some of the mall's in SL. This is something that I call binge shopping! lol, to unpack these boxes, bags you would need to goto a lot or a home that allows the opening of boxes, or bags as such. These places can be hard to find in SL because most people leave their boxes, bags behind in which is called "SL Littering" I think it's a law, lol not sure, just don't do it thats why there's not many places that allows this, so what you would do is try to search for places that doesn't have a box with a red circle on it (meaning you cannot unpack there) look for places that just have a box if that much, that's mainly why people unpack at home or at a groups home, friends house, sky box, public rezzing parcel, or what have you, but then when you find the correct location simply right-click on the box which would maybe be located in your recent items, or objects tab. Then select open on the menu tab, then another menu will pop up in which you will have the option to copy to inventory, or copy and wear, you make the choice. Still and all it should work out fine!! More Blogs to come soon! Happy Shopping!!